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Commercial Auction
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3500 M³/H Cutter Suction Dredger for Bid Inviting
Start in 2D4Hr33Min33Sec
Starting Price :27,800,000
 (≈USD 4,018,386 )
Deposit :2,800,000
 (≈USD 404,730 )
Please apply and pay the deposit prior to 11-18. Before the application, you must:

1. read and confirm the Auction Announcement;
2. read and confirm the Auction Instruction;
3. know and confirm the lot.
Please apply and pay the deposit first. If you've paid the deposit, please log in first.
Starting Price : ¥ 27,800,000
Min Increment : ¥ 50,000
Bidding Period : 24Hr
Deposit : ¥2,800,000
Prolongation : 2 Min /time
Reserve Price : No
Rules: 1. A ship can be deemed auctioned off only when the highest bid is higher than the starting price with one bidder at least. 2. The auction will be prolonged for two minutes with a bid offered in the last two minutes. And so on until no bids in the last 2 minutes, and the auction closes.
Verification Status 
Inspection Information

Inspection Contact Person:Mr. Zhang Zhiqiang
Inspection Date:
10/10 - 10/19

Customer Service:
Miss Huang

Bidding Process
1. Read Announcement
2. Inspect Ship
3. Pay Deposit
4. Place Bid
5. Win Bid
6. Transfer & Deliver does not claim or guarantee the accuracy or reliability of all of its information. You accept and acknowledge you are responsible for all the risks arising from your trust of any of the said information. has the right but not any obligation to improve or correct any error or omission of the said information.
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