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Services:We have many senior experts in the field of ship technology.
Wu Rui
He is a registered ship inspector. He earned a bachelor's degree in maritime technology from Shanghai Maritime University. After working as a project manager in CCS's Zhoushan office and a ship inspector in LR's Jiangyin office successively, he has accumulated rich knowledge in ship building and repairing. He knows the most advanced ship technology and fleet management concept, and has insights into ship safety, hull welding, ship's structural strength, marine products, lifesaving & firefighting, nondestructive testing, shipping conventions and regulations, etc.. He boasts rich experience in ship inspection. Over 500 inspections have been carried out by him of shipbuilding, ships in operation and marine products, which prevent all the safety accidents and detentions from happening.
Liu Leijun
He once served as the general manager assistant at Zhejiang Shenzhou Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and deputy general manager of Production Department at Zhoushan Penglai Ship Building & Repairing Co., Ltd..
Our Advantages:We can provide ship evaluation, and plans for ship retrofitting and ship repairs
Target Clients:those who need the inspection for asset evaluation and notarized reports
Services:The Company has established a good cooperative partnership with authoritative inspection institutions. It can provide formal and notarized reports on ship inspection.
Shanghai Double Hope Maritime development co., LTD.
Ship Type:
Travel Expense 1.1 time
Major Advantages:can provide notarized reports on ship inspection
Target Clients:those who need the inspection for asset evaluation and notarized reports
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