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How to purchase a ship on

You can search ships you need on After you find the ship you need, please read carefully its parameters and contact the seller to ask the ship conditions. In addition, you can download for free its specifications following the approval from the seller. If you want to inspect the ship, you can apply online. You can inspect it on your own or commission us. If you are satisfied with the inspection result, you can sign a contract with the seller. The contract version can be downloaded on Meanwhile, you can commission us to sell or purchase a vessel for you. We are professional and efficient who can fully guarantee your rights and interests. If you haven’t found the vessel you need on our platform, you can post your ship for purchase or commission us to look for the ship.

How to sell a ship on

If you want to sell a ship, you can post the information on Your ship will be fully displayed.
Potential buyers will ask for specifications, apply for the inspection, and sign a contract online which will not only reduce the communication cost but also improve the transparency and convenience of a transaction.
If no buyers contacting you, you can view ship purchase information on to see if there are potential buyers. If there is one, you can contact him or her first. In addition, you can commission us to sell ships. Our staff will look for the buyers for you.

Are our services free of charge?

Information posting is free of charge and so is any independent transaction based on the information on We make it clear which are our paid services.

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