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SNP provides ship search and SNP-related services. We’re pioneer in developing search and post by ship type, which is accurate and efficient. In addition, you can also commission us to sell or purchase ships for you. We will provide professional and efficient services for you.
Search: we boast rich SNP information. You can search the information you want at your home.
Post Ships for Sale: your posts will be displayed to our global users.
Post Ships for Purchase: your posts will be displayed to our global users.
Online Transaction: you can carry out a transaction online. The procedure is as follows: ask for specifications—apply for ship inspection—sign a contract. Then, the payment can be made and the ship can be delivered.

Design & Build(Under Construction)

We have 20-year experience in the ship industry with a strong technical team. We intend to integrate shipbuilders, designers, equipment suppliers, and shipowners on our platform, which is aimed to improve the construction efficiency.


We provide SNP-related one-stop services, making the transaction easy and efficient. In the course of your transaction, you can submit the application for a certain service online and obtain results in real time.
Commissioned Inspection: we provide objective and professional ship inspection services, which will save your time and cost in the course of transaction.
Free Evaluation: we have an experienced SNP and technical team. Note: our evaluation can only serve as a reference.
Import & Export Agency: we have served as an import and export agent for over 20 years with the certification. If you have any question or problem in the course of transaction, you can consult us and meanwhile, you can commission.
Maritime Legal Services: you can consult the platform’s third-party legal team.
Technical Consultation: our technical experts can provide professional evaluation, shipbuilding plans, and repairs/retrofitting plans.

Industry News

We provide valuable industry news for your reference in the course of transaction and daily work. Our news cover SNP, market analysis, policy and regulation, and exhibition.

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