In response to the needs of advertisers in the industry, can deliver the right advertising content to niche audiences in ship industry on the platform for more than ten years in the form of website ad space or other specific advertising channels for business goals such as traffic clicks, brand promotion and transaction realization.

Variety of online advertising available

1、Banner ads often appear in the side, top, and bottom sections of websites.

Banner ads are image-based advertisements in formats such as GIF, JPG, Flash, etc. And they are mostly located to display advertising content. At the same time, Those ads can be interactive with technologies as Java and other programming languages and other plug-in tools such as Shockwave.

2. Text/image link advertisement

The advertisement uses text or picture icons as an advertisement link, including friend links. Click to enter the corresponding advertisement page. This is a form of online advertising that has the least interference to viewers, but is more effective. Sometimes, the simplest form of advertising works best.

3. Email advertising

E-mail advertising is highly targeted and cost-effective with unlimited advertising content. In particular, it can send emails to a specific person, which is beyond the reach of other online advertising methods.

4. Advertorial

Advertorials are advertisements that appear on the web page for promotion in the form of articles rather than advertising.

5. Media cooperative advertising

This includes, but is not limited to paid content promotion on mainstream search engines such as Baidu/Google.

6. Other forms of advertising: video ads, friend groups ads, active promotion of ship resources in China and abroad, etc.

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