Bidding and Auction

  We are committed to ship sale and purchase in a fair and open manner. Besides, we provide a new business model of ship sale for you at a cost-effective price and lower risks worldwide.

  I want to sell

  Bidding Process: Apply for Bidding→Confirm Information→Sign Agreement→Wait for Bidding→Win Bid→Transfer & Delivery

  The seller shall click the“Ship Bidding”channel first and then apply for commercial auction of in accordance with the bidding process.Then the seller will go through the following procedures: ship specifications,information checking, content release and Authorization Letter under the“Auction Service Agreement”of Bidding,the seller shall arrange ship inspection on the spot with the bidder.The seller shall also conduct the physical delivery and other relevant transfer procedures if the bidder wins the auction.

  Subsequent to a successful auction, the bidder shall pay service fee to under the guidance of the“Auction Service Agreement”. VIP members (Join immediately)can enjoy 50% off on service fee.

  I want to buy

  Bidding Process: Read Announcement→Ship Inspection→Pay Deposit Payment→Place Bid→Win Bid→Transfer & Delivery→Balance Payment

  The Bidder shall click the“Ship Bidding”channel first, apply for commercial auction. Then he or she shall read carefully, accept and abide by the“Auction Services Agreement”of following materials,such as information, specification and current status of the ship shall be aware of and accepted prior to the auction sale.

  After confirming to participate in the bidding, Bidder shall pay the deposit, execute a written confirmation and pay the balance on time after a transaction is concluded.

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